Some IGCSE, AS and A-level Mathematics resources that worked for us

In addition to running a successful Computer Science and IT / ICT Tutoring business I am also homeschooling my own two children. One is busy with AS/A levels and the other one has just started with IGCSE. I would love to share some of the great resources without which I could not have done it. Here are some great Mathematics resources that I want to share:

Learn and understand maths and pass your maths exams!  There are short videos that explain all maths topics to you and give you many example questions to practise including entire past papers.  All resources are free.  #IGCSE, #AS, #PureMaths1, #Mechanics1

Set up by an Advanced Skills Teacher whilst on a year-long sabbatical in Australia, this is a fantastic site for finding resources whether you are a teacher, pupil or parent.

Have a lot of resources for younger and older children.  You have to scratch through the topics. For GCSE as well as Edexcel IGCSE. Check your syllabus requirements and enjoy the mirriad of content. His resource packs are published on and I found the following very useful.